Academic Management

Academic Management



Learning to better manage and oversee people, responsibilities, and resources is exactly what you need to continue your success at managing an academic institution. While earning your certificate you’ll lay the fundamental groundwork necessary to manage others and gain the essential skills you need to handle the problems you encounter everyday. You will not only be developing your ability to take control of your work, but you’ll also be building your future by continuing your education and remaining current on the most effective management principles available. Take hold of your future and enroll today.

Complete 4 seminars on this list:

  • Coaching for Top Performance
  • Developing Productive Work Relationships
  • Facilitation Skills for School Leaders
  • How to Delegate & Empower Your Employees, Teachers and Admin Team.
  • Improving Supervisory Skills
  • Leadership Managerial Psychology
  • Managing Time & Multiple Priorities
  • Conflict, Change & Negotiating at the Workplace
  • Online & In-Class use of Technology for Schools

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