Health Sciences (Medicollege)

Health Sciences “Medicollege”


Whether you are getting out of high school or returning to school, our highly focused degree programs give you the important job training you need in the workplace. We offer valuable, hands-on instruction that equips you with real-world skills for which today’s employers are looking.

“At MediCollege, we don’t just prepare you to graduate, we prepare you to pursue your dreams and do the things you love.”

Our philosophy is grounded in the willingness to care for what happens to our students, which is why we do everything we can to help you succeed. In addition to providing training in some of the most in-demand careers, we offer day and evening classes, financial aid to those who qualify, graduate placement assistance, and so much more.

Prefer to earn a degree online? UAMU College offers associates and bachelor’s degrees online.

We don’t just prepare you to graduate, we prepare you to pursue your dreams and do the things you love. By readying you for the future, we’re giving you the independence to become someone, the encouragement to better yourself, and the opportunity to prove that you can accomplish just about anything.

MediCollege offers highly instructive training for exciting health care careers in less than 12 months.

The school offers degree programs for some of the fastest growing occupations today, including:

We know students need a valuable degree. We know they need a top-notch student services department, and we know they need highly focused, job-relevant courses.

Want to know why we believe we’re the right school for you? Read the Top 10 Reasons To Enroll in MediCollege, and then find out Why MediCollege is a Better Choice than a 4-year college or university.

Student Services

When it comes to your education, the more help you receive the better, which is why MediCollege set up an entire department that gives you the support you need.

Our Student Services Department is there for you both while you’re in school and after you graduate. Think of us as the help desk for your career.

From helping you find a job to giving you private tutoring at no cost – we’ll do whatever we can to make sure you succeed.

Here are just a few ways Student Services can help you:

Graduate Placement Assistance

Helping graduating students in obtaining employment is one of MediCollege’s biggest priorities. That’s why anytime after graduation, you can take advantage of our Placement Assistance Program—at no additional charge.

Our Graduate Placement Department works directly with prospective employers to assist you in obtaining the right job!

Academic Tutoring

We want you to do the best you possibly can, which is why if you need tutoring at any time during your education, we’ll arrange it for you at no cost. Tutoring opportunities available to you include:

  • One-on-one or group review of study material
  • Review classes held prior to certification and licensure exams
  • Additional laboratory time

Student Employment

Working part- or full-time during school can help you make your education as affordable as possible. If you’re interested in finding employment, we’ll do whatever we can to help you in your search.

Housing Assistance

If necessary, you can also request that Student Services help you obtain housing within commuting distance to your campus. Though we’ll go the extra mile to assist you in securing accommodations, housing arrangements are ultimately the responsibility of the student.

Student Activities

Get involved with your school by participating in a variety of school-sponsored activities, including sports, picnics, special events and contests. Make friends, meet faculty and have a lot of fun!

Community Service Projects

You’ll also have the opportunity to take part in different community service events, like blood drives and health fairs. Apply skills you learn in class, obtain real-world work experience, and gain satisfaction from helping others.


Top Ten Reasons to Enroll

MediCollege offers you an impressive list of benefits inside and outside the classroom that make your education more rewarding and leave you prepared to succeed.

  1. Today’s Fastest Growing Career Fields

MediCollege offers more than just an education—it offers career training in some of today’s hottest occupations.

For example, employment of Medical Assistants is expected to increase 59% between 2002 and 2012. During that same time employment of Dental Assistants is expected to increase 42%.

The career programs we offer you are in strong demand!

  1. Financial Assistance for Those Who Qualify

Financial Assistance for those who qualify is available for each one of our 8 career programs.

Not sure how to find out if you qualify for Financial Aid? Don’t know what Financial Aid opportunities are available to you? Need to know where to start? We can help!

Learn more about Financial Assistance

  1. Quality Commitment Program

After you graduate, you may return to Medicollege if you are ever in need of skill retraining or updating—at no cost to you! This benefit allows you to keep pace with growing trends in your industry and ensures that you are always trained to the best of your abilities.

  1. Graduate Placement Assistance

Anytime after graduation, you can also take advantage of our continuous Graduate Placement Assistance—at no charge! While we cannot guarantee job placement, we make every effort to successfully place our students in their career field in the location they seek.

  1. Day and Evening Classes

We know that our students lead busy lives and that work and other obligations may make it tough for them to go to school. You need flexibility—that’s why we offer you both day and evening classes. Pick the class schedule that best suits your busy lifestyle.

  1. Smaller Class Sizes

Compared to many colleges, universities and community colleges, MediCollege offers smaller class sizes. This translates to more quality time with our instructors, and a more personal learning environment. To us, you’re more than a number, or even a face. You’re a member of our family.

  1. Hands-On Learning

When you attend MediCollege, you’ll do a lot more than read and write. You’ll get the chance to roll up your sleeves and get your hands on real-world equipment and tools that relate to your field of study. We don’t just tell you how to do your job, we show you.

  1. Industry-Experienced, Caring Instructors

Our instructors know precisely what skills you’ll need to possess in order to be successful because they have experience in your chosen field. With your best interests in mind, they’ll do all they can to help you be as prepared as possible for the real world.

  1. High-Tech Facilities and Equipment

MediCollege has some of the latest training facilities and equipment to keep pace with emerging trends and technologies. Classrooms and labs give you the opportunity to train with equipment like you’ll be using in your future work setting.

  1. Student Services

Our Student Services Department offers a variety of helpful services that make your education go as smoothly as possible. Whether you need to find a part-time job or locate housing, we’re there for you! Think of us as a help desk for your education.

Learn more about Student Services

Career Training Advantages

Attending MediCollege is a smart move because it offers career training advantages that even a four-year college or university can’t match. Here’s why MediCollege is the best choice for you:

Medi College

Other College or University

Quality Commitment Program

Anytime after you graduate, come back to school and retrain or update your skills–at no cost. Not available

Class Sizes

Smaller class sizes means more individual attention with instructors. Some lectures can include hundreds of students.

Online Diploma Programs

Earn your Bachelor’s Degree through the High-Tech Institute’s Online Campus in BusinessTechnologyHealth Management or Criminal Justice and prepare for management-level positions. May not be available.

Real-World Experience

Medical program externships provide valuable real-world experience and hands-on training. May or may not be available.

Total Tuition

Out-of-state students pay the same tuition as in-state students. You pay more for tuition if you’re an out-of-state student.


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Credits can be transferred toward a UAMU Master Degree in Health Care Management at the link below.



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