Healthcare Administration

Health Care Administration



Developing and fine-tuning your leadership abilities is essential as you continue to build your influence and success at a Health Care establishment. The ECC Hospital Management Certificate helps you develop the skills and the foundation you’re looking for to lead, motivate, and succeed in the workplace. This program gives you the opportunity to learn proven leadership practices needed to be a strong leader, build cohesive teams, and develop excellence in others. Invest in tomorrow by preparing today.

Complete 4 Courses on the following:

  • Assertive Leadership Techniques
  • Essential Skills for Effective Leaders
  • Influencing without Authority
  • Heath Care Leadership & Communication Skills for Women
  • Health Care Leadership for Hospitals & Clinics
  • Leading Teams to High Performance
  • Motivating Employees for Increased Performance & Productivity
  • Understanding Human Resources

Attend 5 of the following 2 days seminars.

  • Health care Business Modeling & Data Analysis (2 days)
  • How to Improve Productivity through Better Communication Skills
  • Nursing & MD Managing & Improving Patient Care
  • Powerful Business Writing Skills
  • Principles of Lean Healthcare & Priorities in Patient Care
  • Root Cause Analysis for Healthcare
  • Strategic Negotiations: Critical Skills for High Stake Agreements (2 days)

Careers in Healthcare Administration and Healthcare Management

Whether you have a degree in healthcare administration or a degree in healthcare management, jobs will always be available in your field.

Following are list of some (not all) available Jobs in Healthcare Management;

  • Medical Staff Coordinator
  • Director of Inpatient Services
  • Health Services Manager
  • Hospital Administrator
  • Health Insurance Department Manager
  • Clinics Administration

Companies that Hire Individuals with Health Administration and Health Management Degrees

There are many job opportunities available to you if you have earned either or even both of these degrees. Clinics and hospitals and even dentist offices look for people with strong communication and decision-making skills to add to their already growing businesses. Below are just a few examples of places that hire people in your shoes.


McGill University Health Care & Hospitals – offering the latest technology and administrative skills in healthcare, based in Montreal McGill provides community care to thousands of patients in the province of Quebec. Employments are available at the link above.

Emploi Québec- Santé et services sociaux– offers various positions in numerous hospitals across the Belle-Province Quebec.

Piedmont Healthcare – offers fitness, surgery, urgent care, and vision centers; has served over 1 million patients throughout its locations, respectively; hires individuals with experience/knowledge in nursing, health administration, heart failure physicians, wound care clinicians, etc.

Stanford Hospital & Clinics – part of Stanford University Medical Center; hires graduates and others in the medical administration field

Ochsner Health System – based in New Orleans, LA; not-for-profit health care provider; hires in health administration and management, nursing recruitment, etc.

Penn State Hershey Medical Center – Hershey, PA; provides health care of all sorts; hires physicians, nurses, health administrative positions, etc.

360 Healthcare Staffing – hires healthcare administrative positions, including management, and other related fields

With a degree in healthcare administration or a degree in healthcare management, you can continue your education further to become the best, well-rounded person you can be in the field of healthcare systems. Gain the knowledge and experience it takes to run a health clinic, hospital, nursing home, or other practice and fly high in the world of healthcare.

You may Download Brochures or Register Here.

Credits can be transferred toward Master of Health Care at UAMU link below.


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