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Teaching Spanish to Speakers of Other Languages ​​- TSSOL

Diploma de Enseñanza de Español Internacional – DESI

Tareas para el programa TSSOL por correspondencia:

  1. 2 Planes de lección
  2. 10 Actividades de conversación
  3. 1 Trabajo de investigación
  4. Si esta haciendo el TSSOL con experiencia debe entregar 4 reportes de observación y hacer sus prácticas.

Trabajo de investigación:

Cada trabajo de investigación debe ser de 8 a 10 hojas en computadora, usando letras de 12 pts y doble espacio).

Posibles temas de investigación:

Puedes escoger dos preguntas de las siguientes cuatro opciones: Si decides hacer tu trabajo de investigación sobre alguna de estas cuatro preguntas, asegúrate de contestar todas las partes de la pregunta.

Metodologías de Enseñanza:

  1. Describe los aspectos positivos y negativos de las 4 metodologías. (40%)
  2. Escoge una metodología o combinación de metodologías y demuestra como la metodología escogida (S) es beneficial a tu audiencia o audiencias metas. (60%)

Toma de decisiones ( por parte del profesor)

Describe las posibles situaciones en las que un profesor debe tomar decisiones: Como adaptar o extender un ejercicio, cuando saltarse un ejercicio, cuando y como corregir a un estudiante, que clase de recursos o materiales utilizar, como organizar a los estudiantes en el salón de clase, etc. (Esta es una buena pregunta para las personas que ya han enseñado debido a que pueden responder la pregunta de acuerdo a sus propias experiencias.)

Por cada posible situación:

  1. Describe el contexto de ESL (10%)
  2. Explicar cada decisión tomada y el porque de cada una (60%)
  3. Considerar las consecuencias de una decisión mal tomada(30%)

Enseñanza a niños

Después d estudiar las principales categorías de los factores a considerar cuando enseñamos a niños, contestar lo siguiente:

  1. Menciona los factores a considerar cuando enseñamos a niños (20%) y
  2. Discutir, dando ejemplos específicos, como el profesor manejara cada uno de estos factores. Por ejemplo: Se sugiere que el profesor tenga buen sentido del humor, que sea paciente y comprensivo, etc.
  1. Las 4 habilidades

Considerar las 4 habilidades cuando s aprende un nuevo idioma. Basado en investigación y en tu experiencia propia:

  1. El estudiante aprende más cuando se integran las 4 habilidades o individualmente? Explicar (40%)
  2. Escoge una de las cuatro habilidades y explica las dificultades que esta habilidad presenta para el estudiante. Explica con detalle, los factores que se tienen que considerar al enseñar dicha habilidad y menciona que técnicas utilizarías para tu audiencia meta.

En cada trabajo de investigación es necesario que cites autores y que incluyas la bibliografía correspondiente. También tienes que incluir lo aprendido en el curso de teoría y tus experiencias personales.

Teachers Training at ECC  :

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In the field of language teaching or TSSOL one TESOL accredited certificate is a gateway to success. Employers seek their qualifications and College of Education Canada is there to provide the best of its kind in TESOL and TSSOL education in Quebec, in Canada and abroad through online studies.

About TESOL and TSSOL in Canada Education

Established in 1998 in partnership with Education Canada, TESOL Canada is a nonprofit 100% Canadian. Over a thousand satisfied students have graduated from the TESOL Canada programs and have started teaching English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Arabic as a second language teaching positions around the world. Canada TESOL courses are conveniently located across Canada. The course content is taught after having followed a year of college, and students over 18 years. Our courses are designed for anyone interested in experiencing the adventure of teaching language in Canada or abroad. Education Canada in accordance with TESOL Canada is the only center nationwide authorized to offer programs TFSOL (teaching in French) & TSSOL (Teaching in Spanish). Education Canada Education also offers courses in Arabic (TASOL), Chinese (TCSOL), Japanese (TJSOL), Korean (TKSOL), Italian (Tisol), Korean (TKSOL), Portuguese (TPSOL) and Turkish (TTSOL). Whether you want to change careers or just try something new TESOL programs allow you to obtain international recognition that will open doors in the labor market.

Our classes

Our Team is responsible to help our students develop the practical skills to become a qualified ESL teacher. In our 300-hour course we will cover concepts including Interactive Language, Principles of acquired second language, multiple intelligence theory, techniques of classroom management, detailed planning lessons, Planning Units long term, how to teach skills communication and listening skills, creative ways to incorporate grammar class, education beyond the age and levels, teaching in a multicultural environment, and make effective use of materials and resources ESL.

Teaching Materials

Our teaching material is constantly updated and reflect the wide range of knowledge and experience of ESL. You will receive an extensive range of teaching materials and resources including:  The ESL teachers manual,  manual search of work,  conversation manual  and  the training manual . All materials are provided online to download.

Limited number of students

To ensure quality service our courses have a limited number of students who can take this program. This is because small classes provide ample opportunity for there to be a profound interaction between students and teachers.

Our instructors

Education TESOL Canada and Canada maintain the highest standards in recruiting teachers. Only the most qualified and trained teachers are admitted to our team.

Following is an example of video teaching Spanish online.

TESOL and benefits of studying in Canada Education TSSOL

  • Professionally qualified teachers.
  • A definite course and well organized and materials to complete the course.
  • 150 hours  of classes of Theory.
  • 150 hours  of Practical Training (we are the only ones to deliver a truly practical teaching)
  • International accreditation  provided by the Canadian Association of Teachers, the European Union TESOL, TESOL USA, Asia TESOL, TESOL Canada, South America and TESOL Clerk Quebec Ministry.
  • Detailed feedback on all elements of the program.
  • The benefit of training with a program established for over 5 years and has trained more than 100 teachers. Many of our graduate students work today at YMCA and YWCA, Lasalle College, College Plato and many other private schools in Montreal, in Canada and around the world. 80% of our students get jobs abroad in Asia, Europe or Latin America.
  • Plus the opportunity to study in a relaxed atmosphere at a school that is committed to delivering teaching excellence through the organization of small groups that allow our students to maximize their learning and performance level.

What does the course?

The entire course comprises 300 hours credited.

Theory and practice (teaching skills) (150 hours):

The program includes:

  • Skills for teaching language  speaking, listening, reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary, and theoretical and practical strategies.
  • Classroom management  All the factors that must be taken into consideration in order to convey knowledge, such as the pace of lessons, resource utilization, use of classroom environment, etc.
  • Planning  how to achieve educational planning that maximizes student learning
  • Conversational teaching  skills and strategies to become a professor specializing in the conversation.
  • Technical Metologías , A close review of past methodologies, which allow an understanding of the methodology is currently recognized.
    Communicative Language Teaching  (CLT).
  • Grammar  An Introduction to grammar
  • Information of teaching  children, teenagers and adults.
  • Spanish Exams, The opportunity to learn about the examinations to understand the teaching.
  • Discipline:  Working with groups or difficult situations.
  • Job-Hunting:  Practical information on job search, a workbench available in our school where either we inform you of new options within and outside our organization.

Conversation practice in teaching (40 hours):

 The starting point for the teacher who wants to develop an ability to recognize differences from culturally and linguistically students.

Practice teaching assistant (20 hours):  

Get practical attending a teacher.

Grammar teaching practice (80 hours): 

The chance to put into practice what you have learned in the course. Support, observation and feedback are provided by the course coordinator. All teaching materials are provided.

Observation (10 hours): 

This section allows our future teachers observe different teaching styles and get valuable information in the field of language teaching as a second language.

  • Conversational Teaching Activities, designing and using communicative activities.
  • Presentation, lesson plans and how to plan and create your own teaching resources.

Research Paper (1):

 This work allows our students to develop a better understanding of the various areas of education in theory and practice.

Course duration:

Minimum time to complete this course is 8 weeks, but most students take 12-24 weeks. We can create a flexible to meet the needs of both students and school schedule.

The teaching of two languages:

This course prepares you to teach any language, teaching skills and theory are the same. To achieve “Certified Second Language” must take a language proficiency test in the second selected language. French, Spanish, Arabic, Japanese, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese and Korean are also offered training programs as a second language at the reduced cost of $ 800 per language.

What am I going to get to the end of the course?

A certificate “Experienced TESOL Certificate”
A transcript of course all brands
All theoretical information and practical experience to start a second career as a professional language teacher anywhere in the world
Have confidence in the actual teaching experience

Application process:

Step 1: Read all the material on this site and ask about anything you are not sure

Step 2: Register, Provide a copy of your CV & schedule to write a Spanish proficiency test online.

Step 3: Once succeeded, you may pay your course fee and enroll in program. 

The fees for international students are slightly different from local students. seasonal promotions may apply. Loans, Scholarships, Grants and Work Study Program (Co-op) are also available. Please contact our admission office for details.

Perhaps taken courses by Online / mail or place in one of our training centers.

For more information, please complete the registration form.

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